Fill classes, increase revenue, attract more customers

Set your class prices to shift with demand. That's dynamic pricing.

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Flexible pricing, profitable classes.

The new dynamic pricing option on the MINDBODY app connects more people to your services. All you have to do is turn it on in your software.

You're always in control.

You choose the price range and number of spots available. Customers will never pay more or less than your maximum and minimum, and you can adjust your settings anytime.

See how It works

Fill open class spots.

Class must go on, full or not. Dynamic pricing suggests the right price to fill your classes based on factors like time until class, demand and historical trends.

Reach more MINDBODY app users.

Your selected classes will be featured front-and-center on the MINDBODY app, making it easier for new customers to find and book your classes.

Earn more, without more work.

Take the guesswork out of pricing. Dynamic pricing helps you find just the right price to make more money from your busiest classes—and fill your slower ones, too.

Set up dynamic pricing in your MINDBODY software

Full classes and more revenue are just a few minutes away. Log in to your software, go to Services and Pricing, choose your classes and set your preferences. It’s free to set up and your selected classes will be featured on the MINDBODY app right away.

For help getting set up, visit the support center

Your classes, featured in the MINDBODY app.

Customers can easily find and book your selected classes, featured as Flexible Pricing on the MINDBODY app home screen. You’ll gain exposure to a global network of millions of app users—and only pay a small marketing fee when a customer books a class.


of wellness seekers who tried a new class were swayed by a deal.*

Tap into this opportunity with your dynamically-priced classes, featured as Flexible Pricing in the MINDBODY app.

*MINDBODY. “Consumer Fitness Trends”. Survey. 14 August—11 September 2017.

"I’m going to run a class whether there are four people or twenty people. I’d rather have more people there and dynamic pricing is a way to get more people through my door."

Bryan Mistretta, Founder, Versatile Fitness

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