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Renowned celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin got into hair to make beautiful things happen. His clients walk the red carpet, so they expect nothing less than the best—and MINDBODY’s salon software helps him deliver an amazing experience.


Jonathan's bold move that changed everything:

"It all started with the leap. That insane moment when I believed in myself more than I terrified myself. I put all my cash into my first salon, all my savings, everything. I threw it all in. It was the boldest decision I ever made."

"I was relentless, because failure was not an option. And now, looking back, I can't believe I ever did it all without MINDBODY. Now I'm spoiled: every day, at the tip of my fingers, the whole business is on my phone."

Often it’s our passion that writes our stories for us; it shapes the paths we take in life. For Jonathan Antin, that passion is hair. He’s toured the world, apprenticed with big names in fashion. Opening his own salon was a natural, if frightening step for him. Business savvy didn’t come quite so naturally: “I knew how to do hair, how to teach other people to do hair,” he says—not payroll, scheduling, marketing or inventory. That’s where salon software comes in.

Jonathan's Advice to Salon Owners

Gift Cards
They’re a great additional source of revenue, of course. They can also be a great way to encourage loyalty and boost your brand exposure. Jonathan explains how.
Upselling Product
It’s essential to try and move product by pitching to every single client. Jonathan offers a few tricks for finding the right moment in their experience.
First Impressions
Expert salon management means wowing your clients way before they ever get in the chair. Jonathan shares his tips.
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Here's what I love about MINDBODY: it does everything. In the salon, the day revolves around the schedule, and MINDBODY handles every appointment for every stylist, so it's always easy for me to see what's going on.

A typical day for Jonathan is… all over the place. Sound familiar? Every salon owner faces similar hurdles: getting organized and delivering a reliably exceptional experience, every single day. It’s a tall order, and it calls for a salon management system that’s always available. No matter where the day takes you, MINDBODY helps you stay in control. Mobile salon management is all about peace of mind.

Wherever BOLD takes you, MINDBODY will help you get there.
To see how MINDBODY can transform your salon, schedule a demo with a software specialist today.

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